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The Beauty Works store offers to all its customers who buy through the site, on every purchase made through the site, reward points at a rate of 1% to 5% of the value of your purchases, as these points are added to the customer’s account and become a balance that may reach 100% of the price of a product, The customer can later collect it and deduct it from any other subsequent purchase.
Rewards points are one of the indispensable sales and service policies offered to the customer or buyer, and the customer or buyer must obtain them upon every purchase made.
Reward points differ from one product to another and from one merchant to another.
The customer or buyer gets reward points after completing each purchase, and the reward points are kept in the customer/buyer’s account unless he uses them in any subsequent purchase.
The customer or the buyer can use his reward points at any time with any other subsequent purchase, and he cannot exchange them for money,only use them with purchases to get a discount.
Each point is worth 1% discount.

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