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Managing merchant or seller accounts:
Beauty Works offers the service of appointing an employee based on the management of all electronic merchant or seller transactions, as well as financial transactions in addition to logistical procedures.
These transactions may be unable to be managed by the merchant or seller for reasons such as:
1- The merchant or seller is preoccupied with other business.
2- Cases of travel outside the country, holidays, etc., and the merchant or seller is unable to continue the work.
3- He does not have enough experience in the field of technology.
4- The inability of the merchant or seller to appoint an employee with a fixed salary that he cannot meet at the present time, and considers it additional expenses, in addition to the expenses of renting a headquarters and buying furniture and a computer for the employee.
Merchant or Vendor Account Manager Duties:
1- Adding and modifying the special products or the merchant.
2- Reply and communicate with the customer or buyer.
3- Troubleshooting the status of orders, shipping and delivery.
4- Follow up on the status of the information received in the event of ensuring the availability of valid products and warranty, and ensuring that the information provided by sellers or buyers matches.
5- Managing the goods from the beginning of shipment until delivery to the customer or buyer.
6- Managing the financial accounts, funds and funds of the merchant or on their scheduled dates.
Pricing for a Merchant or Vendor Account Manager:
The merchant or the seller pays a monthly fee in return for appointing an employee (account manager) who performs all the tasks mentioned previously, for only (1,000) pounds per month.

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