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 Bath and Body Works ROSEFine Fragrance Mist 236 ml
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Brand: bath and body works Model: Q026299780
A mixture of rose water, jasmine petals, and muskImmerse yourself in the romantic scents of flowers. It features a moisturizing aloe vera formula that provides refreshment to the skin. This perfume spray comes in a carefully crafted bottle with an elegant and polished pump to cover the largest possi..
Brand: Roniki Model: TRKE12.2
Semi-permanent nail polish shade 10High quality materials for nail professionals only.Long-lasting, durable color with the ability to last over 30 days with proper use.Very light, thin without feeling of weight, odorless, environmentally friendly.It is cured either in a UV lamp at 120' or in an LED ..
Brand: Seven Secrets Model: 62230055
Seven Secrets Body Lotion is a deeply moisturizing body lotion that will make your skin look beautifully healthy. This lightweight lotion glides on easily and allows the skin to breathe, leaving it irresistibly soft and supple.the ingredientsSeven Secrets Body Lotion is packed withGlycerinpanthenolh..
3pcs Reusable and Washable Makeup Remover Puff 3pcs Reusable and Washable Makeup Remover Puff
New Product
Brand: Shein Model: shein20
Reusable and washable makeup remover puff13 cm highwidth 3 cmThe length is 13 cmMulticolor colourThe material is canvas..
A first-class beauty and massage bed A first-class beauty and massage bed
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Brand: Other Brands Model: Beauty Products
A first-class beauty and massage bed, the base bears large weights, suitable for medical clinics and beauty centers Bed size: 180*60*70CM..
Brand: Africana NPC Model: 6624000548177
Activated Bamboo Charcoal soap with Tea tree oil Npc, All Natural, Vegan Bar Soap with natural Oils for Face & Body.Charcoal soap from Africana, rich in vitamin E, coconut oil, thyme extract, tea tree oil andnatural oils that nourishe, refreshe and rejuvenate skin cells.It is a natural deto..
Activated Charcoal Soap from Scheherazade for Even Skin Tone Pack 8 Pieces
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Brand: Invasion Model: Beauty Soap
Scheherazade activated charcoal soapMade with Coconut Oil + Nigella Seed Oil100% naturalwithout perfumewithout colorsWithout chemicalsthe use:A daily scrub that evens skin tone, shrinks pores and removes pigmentation..
Brand: Africana NPC Model: 6624000548009
Natural product 100%, Doesn’t contain Sodium laureate , Color enhancers and Preservatives, Components : Cacao butter & Shea butter & Coconut oil & Palm kernel oilFor Skin:• Deeply clean the skin and remove blackheads• Has whitening effect on the skin due to it is natural Exfoliate e..
Aloe vera Gel NPC 125MG Aloe vera Gel NPC 125MG
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Brand: Africana NPC Model: 6624000224026
Aloe Vera is succulent plant species of the genus Aloe; Since along time the effectiveness or safety of Aloe Vera extracts used for either cosmetics and medicinal purpose.• It is one of the best natural cleanser that provides the skin softness ,vitality and whiteness• One of the best ..
Aloe vera Gel NPC with Natural Oils Aloe vera Gel NPC with Natural Oils
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Brand: Africana NPC Model: 6624000548054
It combines between benefits of Aloe Vera with vitamin A & B & C as well as the benefits of natural oils that moisturize the skin such as Argan oil , Jojoba oil , Coconut oil and Sweet almond oil.For Hair:• Increase hair density of eyebrows and eyelashes• Moistures hair and provide..
Brand: lotus organics Model: 6224009103515
Astringent, which helps reduce the size of skin pores Antiviral and anti-rash Anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory for skin diseases Anti-irritant and soothes skin burns caused by sunlight Treats skin darkening caused by sunlight because it contains aleucine Strengthens hair and prevents..
Aloe vera soap from Scheherazade oily skin pack 8 pieces
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Brand: Invasion Model: Beauty Soap
Aloe vera soap from ScheherazadeMade with coconut oil100% naturalwithout perfumewithout colorsWithout chemicalsthe use:for oily skin; Absorbs excess sebum in the skin and prevents shine(Not for dry skin)..
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