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About Us

It is the largest store and e-commerce platform, affiliated to Beauty Works Egypt, a limited liability company, (Beauty Works Egypt, "The World Between Your Hands")

Beauty Works Egypt is an intermediary between the merchant and the consumer, providing the easiest service to obtain the best product in Egypt for the consumer outside Egypt and any product in the world for the Egyptian consumer.

Beauty Works is an electronic commercial market ((website and application for smart phones)) for wholesale and retail, for cosmetics, health, beauty and personal care.

It provides all the equipment of hairdressing, beauty, women's and men's centers and salons. It aims to contain more than 100 thousand different products.

It is a platform that brings together all dealers, importers, and factories of cosmetics, personal care, perfumes, and make-up in Egypt. This makes Beauty Works the first of its kind to shop online, and securely when paying and shipping.

Beauty Works aims to reach more than one million users of the smart phone application during the first quarter of 2027, and also aims to reach a number of visits to the website of up to one million visitors per month during the first quarter of 20247.

Beauty Works Egypt targets the market of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the markets of the Arab world in particular, targeting all segments of consumers, women, men and children. Beauty Works aims to be the first gateway and platform in Egypt to export all Egyptian industry products to the world.